About Us

I, as am one of the brand founders, started the initiative of establishing the brand from November 2019 when I got a Corgi named Rice. At my first time seeing Rice at his breeder, I decided to give him the best life. Dogs shares similar happiness with human, they like to eat, drink and play. I will be his owner and also the only accompany in his future life. So I must select the most quality food for him. After careful comparison among different types of pet food, I without any hesitation decided to use freeze-dried and raw meat as his staple food.

Unfortunately, one month after he was brought home, he became sick and had diarrhea. This forced me to rethink about his food choice. I took him to vet for examinations immediately and it still costs me 400 CAD after 90% expenses were covered by insurance. After the vet ruled out various causes of diarrhea I asked the doctor what could have brought the illness and started to doubt if the problem came from the raw meat.

So I investigated the brand of raw meat I bought. It was a Toronto local brand but without information on where the meat comes from and what are the ingredients. Then I also examined other raw meat brands and found none of them could provide the meat origin or prove they used fresh meat. With great disappointment, I began to make raw meat at home.

Then I started to ask myself why do I even buy processed meat from wholefood where they just prepared raw meat in scientific proportion but costs me almost the same price if I buy the raw meat and make it myself. At a party with my neighbor, I fed his dog a pound of my homemade raw meat. The neighbor later told me his dog no longer eats the processed meat he bought from the store and asked if I could also make the domestic raw meat for his dog. This brought me a strong sense of accomplishment. After his word of mouth, more dog owners come to me and ask me to prepare the homemade raw meat for their pets. It forms the original motivation for the brand.

I hope more and more dogs could have healthy and nutritious food. They don’t speak or talk but they are our most loyal friends.