Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1How do you ship my order?

AnswerWe provide local delivery to our customer only. We understand the importance of your family member so we use temperature controlled container to delivery all of our orders. And we have a set schedule for each region of the Great Toronto Area.
Your order will be dispatched as per our local delivery schedule as following:

  • Wednesday: Toronto
  • Thursday: Durham Region
  • Friday: Peel Region
  • Saturday: York Region


Question 2How to safely store your products?

AnswerOur products must be kept at −18°C or lower to maintain its quality. We suggest 4 - 12 hours defrosting time before feeding.


Question 3How to start feeding raw food? And how to feed Ready to Raw products? How much to feed?

AnswerRaw food is a natural thing to dogs they are born to eat raw food. However we still re command a transition period, the usual practice is no food for 12 hours prior to the first raw meal and we strongly oppose the idea of mixing raw food with kibbles. Chicken is the most common choice for dogs new to raw food because the lower risk of having allergic reactions.

Our products are only made from carefully selected ingredients and have been frozen for decontamination, after defrosting your can open the package and feed right the way, there are no need for any further processing.

The general idea is to feed about 3% of body weight for puppies and 2 - 3% of body weight for adults.


Question 4Do (dogs) pets have to take vegetables?

AnswerNo, pets do not necessarily need vegetables. Actually, many vegetables may not be suitable for pets and pets are able to synthesize the ingredients in meat into VC. Our ‘Ready to raw’ products contains rich nutrients and could satisfy all your pets need.


Question 5What to pay attention when feed (dogs) pets raw meat?

AnswerBeef (chicken) need to be the premium quality without fat and all fascia removed. ’Ready to raw’ products have cut beef(chicken) into chunk and balanced meat with a right proportion of organs so that pets will get comprehensive nutrition in each meal. We also remind you that the fresh raw beef must be frozen for at least 72 hours so the germs and parasites are completely killed. When need, you take it out in advance and feed the pets after the meat completely unfreezes.


Question 6Why do (dogs) pets need to eat raw meat?

AnswerFresh organic foods are more nutritious than processed ones. Although taking processed products is not necessarily bad, it is not perfect to rely on them for nutrition. Besides, the complete vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, yeast and other nutrients contained in raw food can also be perfectly ingested by pets, and in turn make them healthier.


Question 7Does (dogs) pets food need to be smashed into meat paste?

Answer: No, it’s not needed. Dog food doesn’t need to be smashed completely since in minced meat the nutritional structure may be destroyed. What’s more, some producers may mix it with some leftovers from poor quality meat. Our ‘Ready to raw’ products selects the high-quality organic meat without any additives and the chunk form of meat also allows you to see the good quality inside.


Question 8How can (dogs) pets have a balanced nutritional diet?

Answer: Healthy raw food that contains raw meat, meat bones, and organ meat can not only reduces the intake of preservatives and other chemicals from the finished dog food, but also provides complete vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, yeast and other elements, which can also be perfectly absorbed by pets. In this way, pets will become healthier, and their hair and teeth will also be cleaner and brighter.


Question 9Where do you purchase meat from?

Answer: We only work with certified local whole food supplier who specialized in fresh meat. We can assure you that the food source we use are fully compliance with human grade.